Our Mission

Our Mission

“I am concerned with two things: peoples connection to the land, and people’s connection to people.” -Aldo Leopold.

In totality, Our mission is as follows:

  1. To facilitate the connection our clients have with their landscape.
  2. To honor the unique personality of each client as well as each landscape so to create something original, personal and in balance.
  3. To build with integrity and produce something of great lasting value.
  4. To design and build as a system – integrating ideas, goals, spaces and materials.
  5. To see each challenge as a possible asset.
  6. To have achieve radical transformations, while appreciating the art of subtlety.
  7. To affect change in the marketplace, ever-pushing the edge of what is available in the field of landscape design and construction.
  8. To provide employment that is generative, sustaining and meaningful to our staff.
  9. To be useful and generous in our community.
  10. To do our best.

Treefrog’s mission is to use the art of landscape design and construction to facilitate our clients’ connection to the surrounding environment.

We have pushed the envelope of what is available in the marketplace. Implementing new ideas and cutting edge techniques  yields a diverse template of plants, materials and vendors, as well as new ways to build and integrate various forms into the landscape itself.

We pride ourselves in time-tested craftsmanship, teamwork, as well as strategic use of machinery and mindful site management, so to construct something unique, valuable and enduring.