A Wildflower Sanctuary

Testimonial: “When one peers across a landscape and sees gnarly vines, steep slopes and weeds, it can be hard to see beyond the tangle. But, that’s just what Treefrog Landscapes did for us. Combining amazing vision, knowledge and talent, with an  eye for the use of space and beauty, that gnarly hillside is now native wildflowers, winding paths, beautiful Goshen stone walls, flowering shrubs and a meadow enjoyed by the pollinators and as well as us.

Treefrog took their talent to the backyard where a steep, weedy slope became a lovely Goshen patio overlooking the pond. They also created planting sites, raised beds and installed a fountain surrounded by rocks from our own land. We spend much of our summers enjoying this addition.

They also help us with erosion by heavily planting a steep slope and bringing boulders from our property to form a border. The blooming roses and a new butterfly garden now grace the site above the stone. While working on that project, Michael also improved our 600ft long driveway.

They do all their work in an organic and sustainable manner. For us, that’s an important component to what they offer. Because we do not like lawns, they planted a slow growing Ecoturf on terraces. Organic fertilizers and weed prohibitors are used and recommended although we still prefer hand pulling whenever possible.

The views we enjoyed are due to careful planning and vision but they take time to establish- patience is vital- and on-going care. We enjoy the time weeding, tending plants, and preparing the meadow for winter. We are part of this earth, not separate, and being in the landscape is a powerful experience.

We continue to work with the team from Treefrog Landscapes. Tweeting plants, adding an ephemeral garden on the woodland edge, and sharing new visions. The crew is hardworking and always fun to have around. Each spring, Michael and his gang arrive with fresh mulch, new plants and their magic. We can’t recommend them more highly.” -A.B.