Whimsy Non Toxic Healthy Home

In addition to earning a -1 HERS rating, this home is also a certified Non – Toxic Healthy Home, built to exacting standards to limit the possibility of chemical outgasing, EMF exposure, and moisture related problems. These healthy home standards are considered the most stringent and least toxic in the building trades today. They are ideal for clients concerned with ecology, chemical sensitivities and allergies. The landscape must meet conditions exceeding that of even certified organic landscapes.

The building is designed by Architect Max Levy to mimic the tobacco barns of the Pioneer Valley.

Lanscape architect Elizabeth Gourley, “The client requested a whimsical landscape that would offer opportunities for heightening one’s awareness of being in nature. In order to accomplish this and integrate into the larger landscape context, informal plantings are located farther from the home and become increasingly ordered at the house. Upon entering the site’s pervious crushed stone entry drive, large masses of forest understory plantings such as tiarella, phlox, columbine and anemone sweep out from the forest edge and flank either side of the entry drive. Taller massings include lowbush blueberry, clethra and dwarf redosier dogwood.
As one approaches the house, the landscape becomes more structured. Linear bands of perennials are aligned with narrow vertical windows at the front of the house reminiscent of farm row crops. The various heights, textures and colors created by the perennials display a playful cutting garden and pattern on the land. Nearby, large rectangular bluestone pavers set within a field of eco-grass – a blend of grasses that requires little mowing- lead visitors from the front of the house to a bluestone patio at the back of the house overlooking a new meadow.”

Landscape Design, Plant Selection & Construction: Treefrog Landcapes, Inc

Builder/GC: Renaissance Builders