A Modern Cottage

From 2007 through 2009 Treefrog Landscapes implemented a Master Plan Design for this new construction in Cummington, Massachusetts.

Treefrog worked with the clients, architects, site engineers, and trade specialists to create a wonderful oasis for this simple & highly efficient home to nest.

A central direction of the design was to seamlessly integrate this elegant home within the surrounding landscape. It was important to do this in a way that honored scale and style. While the house is designed as a small simple space, the exterior is seen as an extension of the structure. The pond, patio and plantings offer much in the way of usefulness and presence. One may find themself pondering modern style and a more historically cottage aesthetic.

There are many unique qualities to this site. One that perhaps stands out the most is the large scale constructed pond. This was built with the ability for homeowners to take an occasional dip.

Lead Treefrog Design: Owen Wormser