Historic Home Meets Permaculture

A historic Florence home is introduced to the principles of Permaculture  as our client sought to grow food in style on this notable site.

We were challenged and impressed by this broad, complex Northampton site.  Large overgrown areas, invasive species, dead zones, and a neglected fountain required creative gumption. The outdated landscape design was incompatible with our client’s aesthetic and values. This pushed us to engage permaculture principles within the parameters of fine gardening. Existing structures such as custom wrought iron fencing and stone work meant that edible systems would need to belong within formal structures.

Our goals were to maximize beauty and production within each microclimate while minimizing. maintenance. Our solution was the integration of Edible Forest Gardens, perennial edibles and regenerative plant systems throughout the site. We also used native plantings, boulders and Goshen stone to give a forsaken fountain a second life as a contemplative pool.