Our Mission

Edible Landscapes and Permaculture

What was once the edge, has become the center…

Whether we are planning an Edible Forest Garden or designing a new home’s Site Master Plan, our whole design process is based on the practical ecological principles best described as Permaculture. Using these principles as our guide, we create resilient, productive, unique and dynamic systems.

We have been building edible landscapes since before they may have been accepted as fashionable. From day one, we  set out to be leaders in a movement that pulls edible organic landscapes away from the experimental edge and into the center of landscape design culture.

We pride ourselves in doing this in a manner that is elegant and beautiful.  While we have certainly worked to educate and campaign. We feel our work most effectively contributes to this movement as a product of attraction and not necessarily promotion. Our aim has always been to integrate productive systems into beautiful landscapes seamlessly.

It has been our experience that there need not be a negotiation between beauty and productivity. We constantly work to maintain this balance of overall beauty and ease within these edible systems. This balance requires not only the productive imagination of a Permaculture Designer, but also the eye of an artist and skill of a craftsperson.

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