Accredited Organic Land Care

Accredited Organic Land Care Soil Testing, Mapping and Planning Landscape Construction – Design/Build is our main focus On-Going Organic Gardening, Maintenance,General and Specific Plant Care is a service offered to design/build clients post construction.  Organic Accreditation: Treefrog received Accreditation as Certified Organic Land Care Professionals in 2009. We pride ourselves on being active members of this network… Read more »

Native Meadows and Pastures

Native Meadows and Pastures Native meadows and pastures can be a tricky. They require patience, persistence, skills and knowledge to execute well. Yet, they offer so much in terms of ecological and aesthetic benefits! A well designed meadow can offer a remarkable form to any site. Treefrog performs detailed analysis in order to develop native meadow systems suitable… Read more »

Goshen Stonework and Hardscapes

Goshen Stonework and Hardscapes It took the Earth thousands of years to produce the stone we work with. The least we can do is build our walls to last 100… our patios to pop with tone and texture, pathways that take us somewhere, and stairs that might just make us stop and sit down. We… Read more »

Edible Landscapes and Permaculture

Our Mission

Edible Landscapes and Permaculture What was once the edge, has become the center… Whether we are planning an Edible Forest Garden or designing a new home’s Site Master Plan, our whole design process is based on the practical ecological principles best described as Permaculture. Using these principles as our guide, we create resilient, productive, unique and dynamic systems. We have been… Read more »

Meditation Gardens & Contemplative Spaces

Meditation Gardens & Contemplative Spaces We specialize in creating Meditation Gardens & Contemplative Spaces to suit your unique practice as well as your site. Are you interested in a meditation garden? Perhaps a peastone path for walking meditations? Your entire landscape can be designed with a mindfulness approach, in a manner consistent with Feng Shui and other spacial… Read more »

Exterior Structures and Outdoor Rooms

Exterior Structures and Outdoor Rooms Our mission is to make the interior-exterior connection strong and seamless. One way we do this is by designing exterior structures and outdoor rooms. Decks, pergolas, porticos, arbors, fencing, trellises, lattice work, fire pits, and grills can make a difference between a garden that is looked at, and one that is used… Read more »

Gardens for Children

Gardens for Children Actual Design Consultation: The Boss starts, “I would like a place to go, to have my own garden, away from mom’s. With berries and fairies and other things that I like…like flowers and butterflies…and where my friends and I can go play alone..” The Designers ask, “So you would like it to… Read more »

Plant Systems

Plant Systems Fruit trees, perennial wildflowers, clumping grasses, groundcovers, textural ferns, vibrant mosses, tough green roof sedums, flowering trees, evergreen shrubs, aquatic lilies, perennial polycultures, permaculture and edibles…. The list goes on. Plant systems are our foundation. We pride ourselves on having a great depth and breadth in plant experience and design with plants at the center. By using the… Read more »

Eco-turf & Organic Lawns

Eco-turf & Organic Lawns Since 2000, Treefrog Landscapes has worked with seed suppliers, universities and other professionals to advance modern turf grass. We specialize in what we call “Eco-Turf” Systems. Eco-Turf is a matrix of dwarf fescues that are low growing. So depending on your aesthetic, eco-turf can be mowed 50-90% less than conventional lawn… Read more »

Water Gardens & Ponds

Water Gardens and Ponds We specialize in building water gardens and ponds as naturalized elements of the landscape. “Water does not try to flow, it just flows…” – Lau Tzu